Explanation of ENERPENTION

In the celestial plane, there are forces that affect us here in the physical world. These forces are connected to the components that make up the elements of nature and the spirits of angels. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the auras that we feel are all a part of this conglomerate of divine substances.

Through vastly intense meditation, Enerpention can be achieved, which in turn enables the host to tap into these natural forces to manipulate and brandish them at will to attain great personal abilities. Some Enerpention masters use it for healing, others wield it as mystical weapons.

The sensation of Enerpention is like having every cell and nerve in your body individually massaged by the ambiance of nature itself. Articles of microscopic radiance surround the fiber of your body and fuel you with powerful potential and aids in the development of spiritual understanding, enlightenment and power.