Choose what type of art you desire


Logo: $200.00 for color
$150.00 for black and white

Tattoo Design: starts at $100.00 (depending on length and detail demands)

Book Cover: $250.00

Custom Drawing: $200.00 (Price may be altered depending on detail)

Painting: $500.00


1. With all art work purchased, you are the sole owner of the Art. However, the artist reserve the right to utilize the images for his portfolio and will not be used for resale.

2. Artwork may include four rough drafts of thumbnail sketches. This is the only opportunity for changes and/or adjustments. Any changes made after the artwork is completed, will result in additional charges.

3. Upon agreement of the project a minimum 50% deposit will be paid

4. Upon final approval of final artwork, the remainder of payment must be remitted.

5. All sales are final