Four years after the Blood War, Sunjata’s quest for peace and self- discovery is once again interrupted when the police draw him out of seclusion. They ask for his help in finding the connection between kidnapped exotic dancers and the murder of the wealthiest mogul in Origin City, who is also a close friend.

Sunjata is reminded quickly that anything can be used as a weapon against him. In this twisted world, money is used as a blinder, science turns deadly, sex is engaged as a lethal tool, and a familiar enemy employs an old friend to kill him.

As the mystery unfolds into something bigger than he imagined, Sunjata’s attraction for one woman becomes his weakness. Now he must find a way to solve the mystery, save the beautiful woman, defend himself against his old friend, and maneuver through the obstacles of his own self-torment to carry out his objective.

In this explosive sequel to The Blood Wars, Weapons opens a new chapter in the world of Sunjata and explores the things that can be used as weapons, which we learn can be anything.